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The Guide

A beginner's guide to Ed Kuepper

Hi and welcome to The Guide. This is something new for me. And if you're new to Ed Kuepper, this is for you. I guess you could call it a sort of FAQ. It's just two sections, as yet: some sort of album recommendations for beginners. (All in my humble opinion, of course). And then an overview of the different incarnations of band has had (and have) over the years.

Album recommendations | The different solo bands of Ed Kuepper


I have made a short beginners guide to Ed Kuepper. Which albums you should buy if you want to get a good introduction to his music, which albums you should own if you are a connesieur, and then, something in between. Not necessarily my toplist, but an introduction that tries to cover much of the ground that Ed has covered... All in my humble opinion, of course.

Where to start

A Beginner's Choice. This is the 3 albums you should own if you, in my opinion, should get a good introduction to Ed Kuepper.

  • Everybody's Got To - to get a taste of the perfect-pop Kuepper.
  • Today Wonder - the "low key" album, just the singer and a drummer armed with a cardboard box. My personal favourite.
  • Frontierland - a glimpe of the slightly newer Ed, in harmony with technology but still with a foot or two in old vinyl land.

Step two: Moving along

If you want to investigate further: this is a Handful Of Kuepper. Top 7, if you like.

Phase three: Knowing it all!

Last, but not least, the Connesieur Kuepper Collection. Which is the easiest... You should simply buy it all! :-)

But if you can't, here's a twelve album collection that covers pretty much of it.

That's it. Now you're a connesieur! :-)


Ed has done many albums and worked on many projects. Sometimes with different musicians and not seldom under different names... This is an attempt to straighten out some question marks.

The Yard Goes On Forever (1986 - ?)
Mark Dawson - drums
Paul Smith - bass
Rebecca Hancock - keyboards and backing vocals
Jim Bowman - guitar and keyboards
(Michael Couvrat and Lesley Brannigan also played bass after Paul Smith left)

Sample albums: Everybody's Got To, Happy As Hell, and a handful of singles

The Institute of Nude Wrestling
Mark Dawson - drums
Linda Neil - violin
and various bass players

Sample album: If I Had A Ticket

The Oxley Creek Playboys
Simon Cox - drums
Alex Compton - bass

Sample albums: Live!, Cloudland

The New Imperialists
Mark Dawson - drums
Louise Elliott - sax
Peter Buil - keyboards
and a changing array of bass players

The Exploding Universe (...-2002?)
Alex Compton - bass
Dave Astin - drums
John Gauci - keyboards

The Royal Sound Syndicate (...-2004?)

The Misery Needs Co (2005 - )