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About this site

Work on The Kuepper Files originally started in the spring of 1997. It first started as a way for me to be better at writing HTML--and at the same time explore a musician I found very interesting. I had some contact with Justin Barrington-Higgs, the maintainer of the official site [which is no longer in action!] in Australia and he encourged me. But time and priorities interfered... I just about finished the work, but did nothing else but smaller updates on this site in about two years time. And after that, most of the HTML was hopelessly outdated. The site worked, but just about. I hauled it over in1999, but things could be improved even after that. In late 2004 I revamped it again and moved it to the current domain (this is what I refer to as the Kuepper Files, Mk 2). Lately I also received a lot of help and support from Ed himself.

The song index is a way for me (and hopefully others) to keep track of all different versions of Ed's songs that are available.

This wonderful drawing to the left is by Judi Dransfield.

A short note about navigation. Wherever you are on the site, you can always get back to the above level by clicking the Kuepper Files logo at the top of the page. In the discography section that will take you to the discography overview of the artist whose album you currently checking out (ie are studying details on Saints' Eternally Yours album, clicking on the logo will take you to the Saints discography overview). Also links in green are external (and usually with a little green arrow), in-site links are blue.

I will try to keep brief notes in a sitehistory and any news in a news log.

I would like to thank Derek, Jules and Mende for contributing many scanned coverpics and info! During the years many others have contributed as well. I hope I have quoted you--and thanked you!--correctly.

All material presented is copyright by the respective copyright holders.

If you like to use some information or other from this website, please just ask. I won't bite. :-)

My favourite Kuepper track is Horse Under Water.


Lasse Carlestam, September 29, 1999 . Revised May 2002 , January and June 2005.