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Pre-order signed Laughing Clowns compilation!!


Hot Records let you pre-order the Laughing Clowns compilation. All info you need is on the pre-order pdf-document below.

If you are in Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, Northern America, UK or the Middle-East, you can order from Hot Records UK (cat@hotrecords.uk.com). In the UK the 3CD is £25. This includes postage and packing. If you're in any of these territories, please click here for the pre-order mail sheet in pdf.

All fans in other territories: South America, Asia, Australia and the Pacific rim can order from the Australian office (lisa@didgerecords.com) at AUS$60, incl p+, click here for the pre-order mail sheet in pdf.

Right-click (or whatever voodoo you need to do in Windows) to download it (save it to disk). Print it! Fill in the blanks! Send it!

Fax it, mail them or phone them to order.

PHONE +0061 (0)2 9562 9222
FAX +0061 (0)2 9562 9223
EMAIL lisa@didgerecords.com

PHONE +0044 (0)1403 740 260
FAX +0044 (0)1403 740 261
EMAIL cat@hotrecords.uk.com

Do it. Do it now! The first 100 copies will be numbered and individually signed!

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