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Used And RRRecorded By , Volume 3
  1. Sandblasted - Swervedriver
  2. Steam Train - Ed Kuepper
  3. Hallways - Something For Kate
  4. The Days Brings - Brad (Shawn Smith)
  5. If I Could Start Today Again - Paul Kelly
  6. Mr Bayliss - Kasey Chambers
  7. Annie Get Your Guru - Nick Barker
  8. Be My Medicine - The Blackeyed Susans
  9. Lucky Star - Alex Lloyd
  10. 99.9 - Snout
  11. Girl From Mars - Ash
  12. Wasted - Lino
  13. Hip Pocket - Pound System
  14. People Don't Go To Clubs To Get Laid - Sobriquet
  15. Crown Of Thorns - Going Down
  16. Rabbit - Magic Dirt
  17. Kid Indestructible - 28 Days

Triple R Broadcasters Ltd, 2000 (No catalogue number)

Track 3 recorded 8/10/97 at The Rooftop Cafe, broadcast on 'Australian Matinee' with DJ Claire Hedger

TripleR FM is an independent listener supported, community radio station based in Melbourne, Australia. In 1995, following a long history of vinyl and cd releases, Triple R released the first volume of 'Used and Recorded By'. The 'Used and Recorded By' series is a collection of songs recorded live in the Triple R studios, and from live to air broadcasts from The Laundry Nightclub and The Rooftop Cafe which is literally on the roof above Triple R. The songs included here on Used and Recorded By Volume Three showcase some of the best talent, both local and overseas, that pass through our doors on a regular basis. Many thanks to all the artists and bands for their performances.

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Many thanks to Derek Jeffrey for artwork and info.