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Rauol Graf: Splinters  
  1. Norton Street (Graf/Kuepper)
  2. Country Girl (Graf/Kuepper)
  3. Californian Switch (Graf/Kuepper)
  4. The River (Graf/Kuepper/Holmshaw)
  5. Postcards From Melbourne (Graf/Kuepper)
  6. Pretty Horses (Graf/Kuepper)
  7. Fly North (Graf)
  8. Birthday Invitation (Graf)
  9. Hair Of The Dog (Graf/Kuepper)
  10. The Answer Song (Graf/Kuepper/Compton/Cox/Gauci)
  11. Everything I've Got (Kuepper)



Phantom Records, #UM-6

Raoul Graf - Vocal and Acoustic Guitar
Ed Kuepper - Electric Guitars
Alex Compton - bass and double bass
Simon Cox - drums
John Gauci - keyboards, Hammond and Wurlitzer
Rachel Holmshaw - backing vocals

Recorded and mixed at Electric Avenue by Phil Punch

Produced and Arranged by Edmund Kuepper

Mastered at 301 by Don Bartley

Packaging art direction and design by Greg Grange
Front cover painting and art direction by Judi Kuepper