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Nashville Pussy: Let Them Eat Pussy


  1. Snake Eyes
  2. You're Goin' Down
  3. Go Motherfucker Go
  4. I'm The Man
  5. All Fucked Up
  6. Johnny Hotrod
  7. 5 Minutes To Live
  8. Somebody Shoot Me
  9. Blowin' Smoke
  10. First I Look At The Purse
  11. Eat My Dust
  12. Fried Chicken And Coffee

  14. Kicked In The Teeth 3:25
  15. Nice Boys 2:47
  16. Milk Cow Blues 3:07
  17. Headin' For The Texas Border 2:58
  18. Sock It To Me Baby 2:24
  19. (I'm) Misunderstood 2:35



Mercury, #PHCW-1007 (Japan)
Mercury, #314 558 889-2 (USA)

Released 1998

Comments by Justin Barrington Higgs:
Nashville Pussy are best described as The Cramps with the gross-out quotient revved-up for the self-mutilation generation. Like The Cramps, they are a 4-piece bandwith a mixed-gender lineup that specialises in sleazy metal-psychobilly, and also (judging by the listing of the Japan-only bonus tracks), a love of Australian rock, such as Saints, AC/DC and Rose Tattoo songs. The Japan-only bonus tracks were originally included on the bonus EP Eat More Pussy (MECP 438) which compiled cover versions from previous indie singles, including Sock It To Me-Baby! b/w Misunderstood and was included with the first Mercury records pressing of Let Them Eat Pussy in the US. This may be cheaper to obtain than the Japanese import, although it may well now be a collectable and therefore harder to find.