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The Leaving Trains: Kill Tunes
  1. Light Rain 2:26
  2. She's Looking at You 2:32
  3. Private Affair 2:04
  4. Cigarette Motel 1:22
  5. Generations 3:39
  6. Kinette 3:29
  7. Drunker Version of You 2:29
  8. Black 1:54
  9. Falling 2:11
  10. Vicki 2:02
  11. Terminal Island 2:22
  12. Warning Track 2:26



SST Records, #71

Released 1986

Manfred Hofer - Guitar
Tom Hofer - Bass
Jason Kahn - Drums
James Moreland - Guitar, Vocals
Eric Westfall - Violin
Eric Stringer - Background Vocals on "Falling"

Produced and engineered by Vitus Matar and Eric Westfall
Photography by Brad Holtzman

Comment by Justin Barrington-Higgs:
The Leaving Trains are a long-running post-punk group started in 1980 and fronted by Courtney Love's first husband James Moreland, and apparently they added country and folk influences on this disc. This was the first time they had covered a Saints song on record, with the second time being their version of Demolition Girl on the Neurotically Yours tribute album.