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Mike Johnson: I Feel Alright


  1. All There Is
  2. Turn Around
  3. I Don't Love You
  4. Minor Aversion (Kuepper/Bailey)
  5. Not over Yet
  6. Leaving Greensleeves
  7. I've Got to Have You
  8. One Liner
  9. Message to Pretty
  10. Impatient and Unwilling
  11. Performer
  12. Tradewinds



Up Records, #57

Released 1998

Mike Johnson - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
John Atkins - Bass
Dan Peters - Drums
Eli Braden - Organ, Piano
Tiffany Anders - Vocals, Vox Organ
David Krueger - Violin
Claudia Groom - Guitar, Slide Guitar
Brent Arnold - Cello, String Arrangements

Produced by Phil Ek and Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson is the former bass player with Dinosaur Jr