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Earth Music
  1. The World's Got Everything In It - Ross Wilson with Uptown Rulers
  2. Don't Change - Dave Steel and the Roadside Prophets
  3. Sad Dark Eyes - Ed Kuepper & The Serene Machine
  4. Saints And Kings - Weddings Parties Anything
  5. Boy On The Run - The Badloves
  6. Flame Trees - The Killjoys
  7. Gypsy Queen - Joe Camilleri
  8. Throw Your Arms Around Me - Kate Ceberano
  9. The Underground - Diesel
  10. Know Your Product - Hunters and Collectors
  11. Black and Blue - Jimmy Barnes
  12. Not Even Close - Chris Bailey
  13. Nhyul Nhyul Girl - Shane Howard and Archie Roach
  14. Golden Miles - Daryl Braithwaite
  15. Eternally Yours - Died Pretty
  16. Over Now - The Falling Joys

Mushroom #TVD 93412/RMD 53412

Ed's Track produced by Ed Kuepper and Phil Punch
Recorded at Studio 301, Sydney, by Nick Hartley and mixed by Phil Punch at Electric Avenue.

Ed Kuepper - vocals, guitars
Mark Dawson - drums
Brian Mann - bass
Linda Neil - violins, vocals
Sarah Peet - cello

Ed's performance also featured on the the compilation album Sings His Greatest Hits For You

Notes from the former Ed website by Justin Barrington-Higgs:

"All in a good cause...

This album was a benefit to aid the cause of land conservation and regeneration through the Earth Music Trust, and featured a very diverse array of Australian artists interpreting their favourite tunes by other Australian artists. Ed's majestic, passionate cover of The Loved Ones' buried treasure Sad Dark Eyes is a definite standout, but the album is certainly worth a look for a few other reasons as well.

Firstly, it features not one but two covers of Ed's songs; Died Pretty's version of the Laughing Clowns' classic "Eternally Yours" is faithful to the original version in sound and spirit and shows off Ron Peno's haunted vocals to great effect. Those who saw head-Hunter Mark Seymour's pummelling of the Saints' classic Know Your Product (accompanied by the Club Buggery Showband) on the Roy & HG show this year will be relieved to know that his singing is a bit more in tune for the rough and ready take recorded live in the studio by Hunters and Collectors with typically fine work by their horn section.

Secondly, Ed's old sparring partner from the Saints, Chris Bailey, puts in an appearance too and turns in a quite creditable semi-acoustic cover of a Tim Finn song.

Thirdly, the album aids a very good cause and is beautifully packaged.

Fourthly, Mondo Rock singer Ross Wilson attempting a Tex Perkins and Spencer Jones song has to be heard to be believed!"